Jessie Levandov

And in the case of romantic movies, there’s been more room to ask, what happens after love at first sight?

TOP5 Short Films to Watch this Month of Love

Written by: AJ Bajo
February 2, 2022

The rise of indie filmmaking has sure changed the way we view film concepts and structure. And in the case of romantic movies, there’s been more room to ask, what happens after love at first sight? And is falling in love really as simple as going on romantic dates, getting into superfluous fights, then flamboyantly making up in front of the stunned public?

Watch these short films that challenge the way we see romance on screen!


Baby (2019), Jessie Levandov

Set in the Bronx, the 8-minute coming-of-age short Baby is a brief glimpse into the life of Ali, a young Dominican-American man, as he explores romance and his own sexuality.



Know The Ledge (2017), Ibra Ake

Sweet and stylish, Know the Ledge is a 3-minute short that follows a young couple as they spend their first day in their new place, brimming with the promise of young love.


Isabel Sandoval

Shangri-La (2021), Isabel Sandoval 

Set in California during the Great Depression, Shangri-La is the romantic and imaginative confession of a Filipina farmhand, strong and unbridled even amidst a law forbidding interracial relationships at the time.

Written, edited and directed by Isabel Sandoval, Shangri-La is a commission from Women’s Tales, a short-film series by high fashion women’s brand Miu Miu.


Wish You Were There (2020), Kieran Thompson

In this charming and tear-jerking 17-minute short film, an older couple goes on a date in an art museum, and walks down a foggy memory lane.


Throuple (2019), Chrissie De Guzman

A young stripper, who is coping with a fresh break-up, inadvertently gets her views on sexuality and love challenged as she finds herself in a polyamorous relationship.

More than a love story to gush over, Throuple offers an intimate glimpse into a relationship that at the end may be fleeting, and the vulnerability that comes with accepting that possibility.

The 19-minute short is written and directed by Los Angeles-based Filipina filmmaker Chrissie de Guzman.


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