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5 Free Screenwriting Software for 2022

Written by: Christine B.
February 17, 2022

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or looking to dip your toes into the world of screenwriting, you’re going to need a good software program to develop your project. The screenwriting market is teeming with options, and every program has its own virtues and vices to compare. But we’ve cut out the leg work for you and compiled a list of the top 5 screenwriting software programs for 2022- And best of all, they’re free.


Arc Studio

Arc Studio is a modern, thoughtful screenwriting software which helps you stay focused, collaborate, and craft beautiful stories.

Their basic free plan includes two scripts for free without any limit on the number of pages. Back-ups are made both locally on your hard drive as well as through the Arc Studio Cloud when connected online. Define your own element formatting rules and layouts with custom formats. PDF exporting is also available, however, when using the free version of the app, an Arc Studio watermark will be visible.

The app is available on desktop for Windows and Mac but also has a web version. A paid premium version is also available. The Pro version allows for an unlimited number of scripts, collaboration features, revision management, and a few other features.



Causality is different from any other program on this list, in the best way possible. Here’s why.

Casualty uses an innovative interface that works by laying out the beats of your screenplay visually, rather than in a conventional movie script format. The effect is an innovative software program which helps develop your story on the macro level, giving you an incredible overview of even very complex stories using its Story Sequencing Engine to analyze your story’s events. It can even unearth plot problems you may not have considered and suggest more logical sequences.

Its free version comes with sometimes limited writing options. Unlocking the paid pro version comes with some added benefits like printing and exporting.



DramaQueen is another solid software choice with various tools that can assist you in structuring your messy storyline.

The software has a range of handy features including structuring a story into “steps,” auto-formatting, and a drag-and-drop navigator. With the ideas panel, you can easily collect all your research in one place for convenient editing later.

DramaQueen is completely free of charge with no limits on the number of scripts you can upload or the length of usage. The software is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. It’s also very compatible with Final Draft, so if you want to import, export, and format using that platform, DramaQueen is a good choice.


Fade In

Fade in has everything that a scriptwriter could need, for free.

You name it, and Fade In offers it: real-time collaboration, writing and editing tools, exporting options, version tracking, and more. You can also color-code and mark significant plot points, characters, and other elements as you like, giving you a visual overview of the story. It’s a popular choice among professional scriptwriters.

This free software is available for almost all platforms, including Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and iPad. The free version includes all of the same functions as the pro version, with the only difference being that the pro version is watermark-free.


Highland 2

Professional screenwriter, John August, is the developer behind Highland 2- so it’s made by writers, for writers. And it shows.

Suitable for both novelists and screenwriters, Highland 2 is beautifully designed and feature driven. The software handles formatting automatically so you can focus on writing, plus you can organize your screenplay by acts and sequences instead of sluglines. It’s also adept at moving files between Final Draft, Fountain, and PDF formats.

This software is limited to Mac-only platforms for now. The basic version is free of cost, but if you want to enjoy watermark-free work and advanced features you’ll have to opt for its Pro version.


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