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5 Free Screenplay Feedback Websites

Written by: Christine B.
October 7, 2021


Writers have a love-hate relationship with their work that can blind them to the actual strengths and weaknesses of their screenplay. That’s why getting feedback on screenplays is one of the best ways to improve your work. But when you’re just starting out it’s hard to justify the steep price tag associated with the professional review programs. That’s why we’ve gathered the best 5 Websites for Free Screenplay Feedback.



Coverfly is a free peer-to-peer script reading service that’s absolutely free. Coverfly works on an exchange system: to get a review, you have to give a review. After claiming a script to review, readers have five days to write their feedback notes. For each review, readers are asked to write 300 words on the strengths of the script and another 300 words on the areas that need improvement, plus an optional section for any further thoughts. Giving script notes to others earns tokens, a Coverfly system with no monetary value. To receive feedback on a script, writers list their script for readers to bid on with the Coverfly token system. Giving feedback can be just as helpful to your screenwriting as receiving feedback since the added practice improves your knowledge of the screenwriting craft.



ScriptMother is an all-in-one peer review program. ScriptMother has a point system it uses to purchase reviews for your script. Points are earned by leaving reviews for other peers’ scripts. The more reviews you give, the more you can receive. As an added feature, you can also track the progress of your script with the script tracking tool that visually breaks down your script’s ratings over time. While you can receive feedback from your peers, there’s also the opportunity to connect with producers, agents, and screenwriting experts using Industry Pro accounts. There’s the opportunity to win free professional script coverage and publicity during the monthly screenwriting competition.


Facebook’s Screenwriting Group

Screenwriting is a private group on Facebook, taking new members daily. The group has been active for over 14 years and is a treasure trove of resources and enriching discussions on screenwriting by professional and aspiring screenwriters alike. Writers are welcome to ask specific questions or workshops within the group for feedback. While not as straightforward as some of the other peer-review scriptwriting resources, the Facebook Screenwriting group is a great place to develop relationships with other screenwriters who could give more personalized and consistent feedback.


Reddit’s Screenwriting subreddit

r/Screenwriting is a community of over 1,000,000 screenwriters, from beginners to professionals. There are a plethora of resources and topics to engage in with other writers, as well as a Discord channel to connect with other members. Writers can get feedback by posting specific questions onto the forum, or by submitting script pages for the Table Reads or general rotation. Every Friday-Sunday the forum holds a Weekend Script Swap for writers to trade feedback on their screenwriting projects for free.


WeScreenPlay – First Impression

WeScreenplayWeScreenPlay specializes in paid programming that offers professional screenwriting feedback. Their for-purchase program offers coverage for features, television, or short scripts. However, the website does have a free First Impression program. Submit the first page of your script and receive free feedback from contest judges and industry gatekeepers. They’ll read the first page of your script and give a few sentences of their thoughts within five days at no cost to you.

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