Where to Get Writing Inspiration From

“I do believe writing is thinking. Sometimes we can’t untangle what’s happening in our brains, but we get our pen moving and all of a sudden, as we write, we figure it out.” —Elizabeth Acevedo

Where to Get Writing Inspiration From

Written by: AJ Bajo
December 9, 2021


Inspiration can come from anywhere and arrives best when you least expect it. If you’re stuck on your creative process and looking for some lightbulb moment to bring change, these five can help you!



Writing prompts are a great way to get your creative juice flowing. It can introduce you to different interesting points of view, and ways you can delve deeper into your story.

Speaking of prompts, check out these five writing exercises to keep your momentum going!


Art & Music

Where to Get Writing Inspiration FromArt and music provide ample opportunities to get inspired due to the stories they hold. Sometimes, looking at art pieces and listening to soulful music can be enough to get that hit of inspiration.



Everyday Life

Routine can be frustrating, and to escape it, sometimes our minds wander off to different things until a train of thought is formed. It’s in these quiet moments of thinking that we often find something worth writing about. Just don’t forget to jot them down so you don’t forget them!


Real-life Events

Historical events likewise offer many opportunities for inspiration. On top of that, getting acquainted with historical events with the help of reliable sources help ground us to reality and deepen our understanding of reality, and our own roots.



Books & Movies

Sometimes the best way to escape your own story for a while is to enter another with its own complex workings. This way, we can come back to our creative process with a wider understanding of what will work or what won’t.

Reading books and watching movies are definitely among the best ways to get inspired and come back to your own writing with renewed vigor.


BONUS: Another way to get inspired is to simply write. Practicing freewriting by keeping a notebook for your thoughts is also a great way to release tension and gain clarity. It’s meditative and can help you sort out your thoughts so that you can write better.


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